Toasted Nut

ABV: 5.6% ~ IBU: 18

This brown ale is made with loads of toasted hazlenut which lends a nutty and chocholately flavor to this nice, medium-bodied brown ale


ABV: 6.9% ~ IBU: 39

A form of punishment on board pirate ships was to send a man overboard and dragged under the keel of the ship. This ale is far is a dark mild ale brewed with Barbados cherries and aged in rum-soaked oak. The only punishment here is the high ABV!

Spring Training Special
ABV: 4.5% ~ IBU 15
Spring Training is a season of it's own here in SWFL! Spring Training Special is a grapefruit Hefeweizen celebrating the Grapefruit League boys of Spring! 

Life on the Water-Melon

ABV: 4.5%
Watermelon wheat ale with fresh Florida watermelon juice.

Jack' N Coco

ABV: 5.8%
This is a brown ale - porter HYBRID that will keep you coming back for more. Collaboration between Jack's cold brewed coffee and CDB brings you this coconut, chocolate and coffee gem! 

Tightlines DIPA 

ABV: 9.6%
Don't let this beer fool you. The smells of passion fruit, citrus and mango fill your nostrils as you get ready for what is about to happen next. FISH ON! This Double IPA packs a punch that will keep you coming back for more again and again. Complex, yet refreshing...give this one a try.

Crazy Dingo Brewing Co.

Always Summer

ABV: 5.8%
Belgian inspired amber ale...crisp, clean, refreshing.

PiNa Punch

ABV: 5.3%
Pineapple pale ale with a unique tropical fruit hop blend.

Rusty Roof

ABV: 4.95% ~ IBU: 26

Nothing fancy here... A classic American amber ale, always a favorite. 

Southern Fresh IPA

ABV: 7.6%
One of our favorites! Take a bite out of our citrus IPA and sit back and relax. This IPA is smooth yet has a complex citrus melody. A hot day at the beach, a long day of fishing, a night out with the friends. This is the perfect IPA for any occasion. 

Porch SWing

ABV: 5.7% ~ IBU: 59
A classic feature of a southern home is the screened in porch and swing on which to enjoy a cold ale at the end of hot day... This refreshing IPA is made with a hop profile that lends enticing aromas of tropical fruit and citrus - and therefore is a "Gulf Coast - Style" IPA . 


ABV: 5% ~ IBU: 27

An ale version of the classic German Marzen Oktoberfest beer. This ale is a tribute to the taste of Autumn and the celebration of humidity's departure!


Mason's Mango Magic

ABV: 5.2%
Florida mango infused 100% mosaic hopped pale ale.

Snow Bird

ABV:  5.4%~ IBU: 23
Snow birds... love em or hate em. This winter spice ale is a Floridian winter warmer. An amber ale with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice, it'll be sure to warm your belly on a cool winter night, if you aren't already boiling in rage from all the traffic!

Plumpkin Patch

​ABV:  7.4% ~  IBU: 26 

Everyone needs a classic pumpkin spice ale come autumn. Although the leaves don't fall here in SWFL, this amber ale fosters feelings of cozy nights, gathering of friends and pumpkin carving.

Seasonal Brews

Exotic Voyage

ABV: 7.7% ~ IBU: 70
Historically pineapples were placed outside the homes of sea captains upon their safe arrival home from the tropics to welcome friends to come visit.  This Imperial India pale ale is brewed with a unique hop combination that amplifies the tropical notes from real pineapple. 

Crazy Dingose

ABV: 3.8%
Mulberry Gose with pink Himalayan sea salt, coriander and freshly picked Florida Mulberry

Nite Cafe
​ABV: 6.2% ~ IBU: 27​
The best parts of a night out on the town are the beers and dessert - so why not combine the two! This Nutella & Banana stout is a delicious treat, just like a warm crepe at your favorite cafe .               

Limey Bastard

ABV: 5.3% ~ IBU: 19

Sailors would suck on limes to prevent the illness Scurvy and hence the title "Limey Bastards". Say "Arrrr" and get your daily Vitamin C from this refreshing Key Lime white ale.

Wahoo Blue

ABV: 4.8%


Grab a handful of blueberries and take a sip. This beer smells like freshly picked blueberries. Crisp, light and refreshing. No need to say more. Try one and you will understand

Dingo Lite

ABV: 4.9% ~ IBU 11
Your classic American "beer". Clean and refreshing with just enough maltiness to keep things interesting. This beer is perfect for a hot day on the beach or for a game of flip-cup!   

Red Jig

ABV: 4.9% ~ IBU: 25

Brewed to be Gluten-free, this is a classic Irish Red Ale, light in flavor and body that can be enjoyed by everyone!

Matanza 1513
ABV: 6.5% ~ IBU 19
Inspired by mumme and trappist ale recipes from the 16th century, this ale was brewed to commemorate the bloody interactions of Ponce de Leon and the Calusa natives in SW Florida in 1513. Made with zest of blood orange and other herbs, this inspired ale packs 500 years of flavor in a bottle


ABV: 5.2%
"Classic" brown ale with CDB flare. Brewed with Orange Tree Coffee Guatemalan blend and vanilla beans. Refreshing, crisp, bold...enjoy!

Cold Front
ABV: 6.1% ~ IBU: 30

A lot of fresh spring plums were used to create a surprisingly light and refreshing porter.   

Peach Bum

ABV: 4.5% ~ IBU 26
Springtime Peach cream ale. Light and somewhat sweet with the feel-good taste of freshly picked peaches. 


ABV: 5.2% ~ IBU 29
A thirst-quenching light-bodied Kolsch-style ale with subtle floral sweetness of orange blossom. A nice beer to sit back with and relax on your front porch, breathing in the refreshing aromas of nearby Florida citrus groves.

Tourist Trapp
ABV: 7.8% ~ IBU: 23
Anyone will fall into this trapp... A Belgian trappist dubbel; this beer is amber in color with that sweet maltiness loved in classic Belgian ales.

Penzance Pale

ABV: 5.5%

Crazy Gringo

ABV: 6.3%
NE style IPA brewed with Citra, Galaxy and Mosaic Hops 

Sun Soaked Blonde

ABV: 5.2% ~ IBU 21
This is a Belgian style blonde ale brewed with toasted coconut. The coconut flavor comes through this light Belgian style ale; aromas reminiscent of sun-bathing beauties lathered in coconut oil on the white sand beaches of SWFL.

Florida Native

ABV: 4.0% ~ IBU 27
Florida Native is an American wheat ale brewed with real Mango. This is a light and refreshing ale with tons of Mango flavor - a real taste of South Florida                                                

Caroline's Revenge

ABV: 11% ~ IBU: 80

What most people don't know is that the French were in Florida before the Spanish. Fort Caroline was a French fort near modern day Jacksonville and was destroyed with the arrival of the Spanish. This is an Imperial French Saison using French hops, yeast strains and packs a vengeful ABV of 11%!

Special Small Batch Series

Whiskey Creek 

ABV: 12.4%
Imperial vanilla porter aged with buffalo trace bourbon soaked American oak.

Snook Season Session IPA

ABV: 4.6%

Don't let this beautiful linesider fool you...this baby packs a punch. With it's light taste and low ABV, this Session IPA is good to go down the entire night. Don't be afraid to throw back 1, 2 or 8. 

Cafe Cubano

ABV: 5.4% ~ IBU: 23
Brewed with locally roasted coffee, Cafe Cubano is a delicious coffee stout with a frothy head and smooth, almost sweet, finish. This stout will get your day started the right way! 

Cattle King Gold

ABV: 6.0% ~ IBU: 22
Can't go wrong with a crisp golden ale - especially one celebrating the Cattle King! Summerlin was a forefather of Ft Myers and one of Florida's richest men in the 19th century by transporting cattle to Cuba for Spanish gold! Makes me thirsty!