Crazy Dingo Brewing Co.

Our Pilot Brewery

Very soon we will have worked out the logistics and will be prepared to open a brewery open to the public... Until then we are operating out of a small "pilot brewery".

At the CDB Pilot Brewery we are brewing our beer recipes in small batches and are ever-adjusting the recipes to formulate the "perfect beer". We enjoy sharing our beers with small test populations (mostly close friends and family) and we take their feedback seriously.

The CDB Pilot Brewery is designed in a way to allow us to make and learn from our "brewer mistakes" on a smaller scale. We are always learning here at the CDB Pilot Brewery and we look forward to the very near day when we can open our doors to the public and share our lineup of perfected beers in a unique atmosphere that could only be

Crazy Dingo Brewing Company

Stay tuned for more information to come very soon!