Another ingredient in the brewing process that we at CDB take seriously is WATER (it does comprise over 95% of beer after all!)

At CDB we use 100% natural Florida ground water directly from the aquafer below the farm! Our water is further purified through an advanced reverse osmosis process which includes carbon filters made from coconut husks! Unlike city water, CDB utilizes chemical-free sanitization methods including ultraviolet light and boiling.

Crazy Dingo beers have always stood out among others due to the fact that each of our beers is brewed as a small batch by hand. We formulate each recipe ourselves and carefully fine tune it over time until the final product meets our standard as a delicious and unique beverage "experience" for all to enjoy.  It helps that we brew beers that WE love to drink!

We aim to keep our production small allowing for that added love and attention in each batch that is hard to miss. Small batches also facilitate CDB to brew using unique techniques and ingredients such as FRESH & REAL fruits and spices - something that's often impractical for the larger scale breweries... on top of all that, many of the fresh ingredients can be grown right on site at the farm!

Crazy Dingo Brewing Co. is the ONLY brewery in SWFL that has their own hops grown and harvested ON SITE!

We at CDB strive to maintain our unique flavor and style and that means we intend to keep our production small, growing slowly over time. Since our capacity will be small, we will have limited hours of operation. We plan on always rotating our beers available on tap, and will constantly be experimenting with new flavors, ingredients and brewing techniques. When you come to join us at Southern Fresh Farms there will always be something new to try and even our crowd favorites like Dingo Lite Lime and Wahoo Blue will rotate over time keeping things new and always fresh...

Crazy Dingo started very small, initially brewing with only a 1/2 BBL recirculating infusion mash system (RIMS) in small batches and quick expanding to a 1 BBL system. We plan to grow and increase our brewing capacity over time as the business allows.

CDB occupies a small corner of the farm and we will be serving our craft beers under the main pole barn while construction and build out of the main brewery area using two 40 foot shipping containers takes place over time in the background. The end goal is a primarily outdoor brewery and large beer garden surrounded by the working farm. 

Today, it seems there is a new craft beer brewery popping up every couple months and some argue that the craft beer market is saturated... the truth is, historically, this country is no where near the amount of breweries that were present BEFORE prohibition shut most down, and the big wave of craft beer still hasn't even hit SWFL from the west coast...

That all being said, many ask, what makes Crazy Dingo Brewing Company different from the rest? 

Our reply: A LOT!