In recent years, the McMahons have returned to their roots and have opened to the public their small estate farm, Southern Fresh Farms, where they grow a variety of fresh produce trialing state-of-the-art concepts including hydroponic fish farming and vertical farming both of which have proven to maximize crop yields while requiring smaller land space. 

Southern Fresh Farms is a small farm located on Penzance Blvd in Fort Myers owned and operated by the McMahon Family. The McMahon’s span four generations of local farming tradition starting with the farming of mums and gladiolas in the 1940’s to an over 400 acre potato farm years later. In 2000, the McMahon’s transitioned into environmental land restoration, working with both private and state agencies to restore some of Southwest Florida’s most coveted nature preserves. The McMahon’s farming expertise and natural ability to understand their home lands proved to be a great asset in helping to restore the natural habitats of SWFL. 

Partnering with Crazy Dingo Brewing Company has lead to new ventures for the farm as well, and today, Southern Fresh Farms is one of the southern-most hop producers in the country (and possibly the world) making Crazy Dingo one of the only craft breweries in the state of Florida that uses hops grown on site in the brewing of some of their beers!

Today, along with a farmer’s market open daily, Southern Fresh Farms has nurtured the new interest in local Agritourism by hosting a variety of public events highlighting locally grown produce, culture and tradition. With a playground and petting zoo onsite, Southern Fresh Farms has become a leading local family destination.​​